Plastic Earring Options

Available Starting September 15, 2023

Option One: Clear Plastic French Hooks / Ear Wires (1 Pair)

  • Replacement Cost: Free
  • Size:
    • 0.67"x0.57 inch (17x14.5mm)
    • Plastic Wire diameter 0.31inch (approximately 0.831mm - 20 Gauge)



 Option Two: Clear Plastic Ball Post with Loop and Silicone Backing (1 Pair)

  • Replacement Cost: Free
  • Size
    • Ball: 3mm
    • Post Length: 11mm
    • Plastic Wire diameter 0.031inch (0.831mm - 20 Gauge)

 ***IMPORTANT: For Options 1 AND 2 - Only the portion that is inserted into the ear (i.e. ear wire or post) from the original design will be replaced.  All other metal components in the design (i.e. bars, charms, jump rings) will remain the same. 


Option Three: E‘arrs Plastic Earring Sleeves - 1 Pair (Made in USA)

These are plastic sleeves into which you slide your earring posts or ear hooks to protect your pierced ears from metals they can be sensitive to.  The sleeve creates a physical barrier between the earring and your ear.

  • Upgrade Cost: $1.50
  • Made from FDA Grade low-density polyethylene
  • Made in USA 
  • Best for going over posts, ear wires and hooks that are 18 gauge or thinner.
  • Size: Sleeves are approximately 8 mm long
  • Included with the sleeves are rubbery earring backs.
  • To use: Insert earring post into the sleeve and then into pierced earlobe. Add the plastic ear backing onto the plastic sleeve behind the earlobe.